Natural apple juice


Our apple juice is cold pressed, naturally turbid and pasteurized.

Proper selection of specimens provides the unique taste, so different from others available on market. We do not add any sugar, water or preservatives. It contains only naturally occurring sugar and the sufficient method of preserving is pasteurization, which is warming the juice to a proper temperature. We use the BAG-in-BOX system that ensures tight and long-term storing of the juice.

Presently we offer 5 and 3 liter packages. Each has a special tap with a construction preventing the air from entering the bag with the juice. It allows keeping the properties and the taste of the juice even up to three weeks after being open.

All of the packages of juice are packed according to BAG-in-BOX system, which means that the pasteurized juice is poured into the bag with the tap, which is later placed inside the box.

The length of validity of our juice is 9 months.

Packages have bar codes.

Packages in any language.


3 liter box – 4.30 EUR

5 liter box – 5.95 EUR

(The price does not include the cost of the delivery)

Due to the climate, Polish specimens have a unique taste quality, which is why Poland is the biggest exporter of apples in the world.

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