XII. Machines / devices


Look regularly to our website - systematically we are implementing new releases
If you are interested in specific product which we don't offer, write to us - we will try to find Polish producer and to prepare offer for you.
We aren't giving extended payment deadlines - we are only for cash selling offered goods. If you aren't accepting our conditions, don't send requests for proposal.
You can buy rather small batches goods often. Before beginning the cooperation, if it is possible, we can send samples of products being interested in you to you.
We can negotiate prices - to some classes goods we offer great releases.

If you will be interested, with some goods offered by us - send us request for proposal. Give product code in it (e.g. I.A. 1) and price offered by us. In the e-mail what amount give for you would like to make a transaction (you are making a payment in EUR) and to what country and to what address a delivery carried out is supposed to be. Within a few days you will receive information from us about, whether we can offer you the price discount for products it being interested in you and about transport costs offered by Polish shipping companies to batch of goods you want which in our company to buy.
If after presenting our conclusive quotation along with transport costs you will be of transactions interested in conduct, we will send the formula trade agreement to you.
When we will agree on accepted conditions transaction, if you expect - we will call you at indicated number within a specified period of time and we will discuss the last details contract.

We are inviting for cooperation