About us


From 2003 we are taking care of establishing Companies for our customers, representing them before bodies public authority, drawing up applications for awarding a grant and loans from the European Union funds intended to the micro development and small-sized enterprises operating in Poland.
Within 10 years of activity we served over 1000 business entities.
We are inviting all foreigners, intending to establish a company in Poland for the cooperation, to begin higher education or take up work in Poland.
We can help obtain articles of association permanent resident in states being involved in EU for you and your family – thanks to us you can start a new life in the European Union. We also offer a whole range of goods produced by Polish companies and we are inviting for joint business with aim their sale on foreign markets.

RING-ASJ Sp. z o.o. 
ul. Wieczorna 23/2 , 53-026 Wrocław
Tel.  (+48)   71  79-00-313

Gracjana Marszałek  
Tel. (+48)  668 117-120

Wojciech Gretkierewicz
Tel. (+48)  668 113-213

e-mail:  contact@poland-marketing.eu

Bank:  (EUR)  68 1090 2503 0000 0001 2401 4302 

NIP:   PL 894-27-91-537


If you are interested in our offer, contact us through our e-mail. We work with foreign language translators, therefore we will be able to write you back or call you back being able to communicate with you in the language that you speak:

  • English
  • French
  • Russian
  • Ukrainian
  • German

We offer a wide variety of goods produced by Polish companies and we encourage your cooperation in order to be able to sell on foreign markets. Remember the rules that we abide, we do not give open accounts.