Study in Poland

6Principles applying for admissions to the college, as for the principle same for all foreigners (whether or not EU is citizens of states whether also come from states from outside the EU). Foreigner in order to apply for admission to the college in Poland must fulfil following conditions:

  • to have  documents for confirming legal stay in Poland, e.g. visa, residence card or other document entitling to stay in Poland;

The document type made conditional is from whether foreigner is a citizen of states EU whether also comes from the country outside the EU.

  • to demonstrate  with good medical condition, substantiated with a doctor’s certificate, stating lack of contraindications for taking educating on picked subject; individual subjects e.g. technical, medical can require additional certificates medical condition
  • to have  insurance policy to accident illness results of unfortunate accidents to period educating in Poland or the European health insurance card or to set about to health insurance at the Polish National Health Fund immediately after beginning lerning;
  • to demonstrate with knowledge a language, which is going to study by showing documents confirming acquaintance of given tongue, i.e. linguistic certificate, certificate of leaving school or studies in language, which they have in to be led classes at subject chosen by foreigner; if foreigner is going to study in Polish perhaps to be necessary finishing an annual foundation course from this tongue
  • to have  documents confirming finishing by foreigner schools and studies in Poland or abroad which let him for entertaining chosen college in Poland (for example maturity certificates, diplomata of higher education institutions); certificates and diplomata received by foreigner abroad must be legalized in Poland (recognized or followed).


Legalizing stay in Poland

Foreigner in order to apply for admission to the college in Poland must hold documents to confirming legal stay in Poland, i.e. visa, certificate of stay registration, residence card or other document entitling to stay in Poland. The document type is made conditional from it whether foreigner is a citizen of Mr and Mrses of the European Union whether also comes from the country from outside the European Union.

Citizens states of European Union

Citizens of states of European Union have the right to drive to Poland without duty of the possession a visa based on the passport, or the ID card (of Idas) and to stay in Poland to 3 months without need to go special formalities through.

Wanting to study in Poland foreigner – citizen must however officially the EU approve one’s stay in Poland which certainly will be taller than 3 months. For that purpose he should file a motion to province office to register his stay in relation to undergoing studies in Poland. It is necessary to file application to the Competent Province Office according to domicile foreigner. The conclusion should be submitted not later than on following day after the end of 3 months from entry citizen to the EU to the area of Poland. A certificate from the college confirming accepting the citizen the EU for studies in Poland should be attached to conclusion. The registration of stay is taking place immediately. In her result citizen will receive the EU of registration stay certificate.


Citizens states from outside the European Union

In order to come to Poland for studies foreigner – the citizen of states from outside EU must hold the student visa, i.e. the visa issued in order to pursue high school education in Poland. Foreigners, coming from the country, as for which the partial or total exemption from visa requirement is applicable constitute exception. Up-to-date list of states, which citizens can travel to Poland without visas: In order to obtain the student visa foreigner must file an application for granting her at the Polish Consular Office in country which is settling. Foreigner applying for issuing visa in order to pursue high school education in Poland  is exempted from visa payment (that is receives such a visa for free). The visa is being issued for the fixed time and it is most often period shorter than duration studies in Poland. In order to legalize one’s more distant stay to territory of Poland the studying foreigner in Poland must obtain residence permit for fixed time. Therefore foreigner must file an application for granting such a permission. The application makes up to the Province Office, having jurisdiction over the place of residence foreigner in Poland. The conclusion must be folded at latest for 45 days by the end of period foreigner stay based on visa validity. This permission can be granted the foreigner studying in Poland for the period not longer than 1 calendar year. Wanting and so still to carry learning on in Poland foreigner no later than 45 days prior to passage of period, to which they granted him residence permit on time indicated must appeal to the province office with new application for spending of next residence permit for fixed time.


Health insurance

The health care in Poland is fundamentally paid for foreigners. Therefore foreigner wanting to study in Poland must show that he has provided cash for covering all costs associated with the medical care in case of illness or an emergency. Depending on it whether studying a citizen of the European Union or citizen of state are supposed to be from outside the Union – formal requirements are different to the fulfilment. As similarly as in other matters citizens have the EU in this respect certain privileges.

Citizens of states of the European Union

Citizens states of the European Union can use free Polish health care, if are holding the European health insurance card (more about card see on side) If citizen state doesn’t have the EU in the country of origin can set about to health insurance offered by Polish National Health Fund and buy out insurance policy bought out insurance policy. The citizen of state must show insurance policy EU also trying for registering stay in Poland.

Citizens states from outside the European Union

In practice the duty of having health insurance policy by the citizen you from outside European Union anyone wishing to study in Poland exists already on stage visa proceeding. From having a health insurance or a travelling medical insurance for time stay foreigner in Poland granting is subject of student visa for him. The requirement of visualising by foreigner insurance policy at admission to college is, so with natural consequence visa requirement. Most often foreigner (citizen of state from outside the EU) is taking out an insurance policy still in the state in which he is settling (which comes from). If along the slip road to Poland this insurance policy expires, foreigner can buy health insurance out in Poland, in the Polish insurance company. The foreigner can also set about insuring with state-run institution called the National Health Fund and take out an insurance policy.


Certificates and diplomata a foreigner must describe

Depending on the chosen type college foreigner must present maturity certificate, certificate of finishing higher education institution or pursuing high school education which is authorizing him to take determined sort of studies. It is a principle, that for taking the next stage of studies in Poland (e.g. supplementing undergraduate courses leading to a master’s degree as studies second degree) visualising by foreigner certificate of finishing bachelor degree course in Poland as studies first degree or also is necessary presenting document from which it results that finished by foreigner with foreign countries to begin stage of college authorizing him to undertake studies is planning which in Poland.

Still foreigner is supposed to present duty:

  • undertaking studies first degree or uniform undergraduate courses leading to a master’s degree - maturity certificate or document being an equivalent maturity certificate get with foreign countries, which in country which was spent in is authorizing to undertake  higher education;
  • undertaking studies of second degree – honours first degree in Poland or received abroad document being an equivalent of this diploma, which in the country which was spent in is authorizing to undertake studies second degree;
  • picking post-graduate up education - diploma of leaving schools first degree in Poland, studios second degree or uniform undergraduate courses leading to a master’s degree or documents being equivalents of these degrees get with foreign countries, which in the country which were spent in are authorizing to pick post-graduate education up;
  • undertaking doctoral studies – diploma of finishing studios second degree in Poland or uniform undergraduate courses leading to a master’s degree or received abroad degrees being an equivalent Polish honours degree second degree or uniform undergraduate courses leading to a master’s degree.


Legalization foreign certificates and diplomata

All certificates obtained by the foreigner abroad and diplomata must be legalized in Poland. Documents about education acknowledged are foreign in Poland:

  • on legal validity of international agreements for educations,
  • of validation.

Poland acknowledges documents about the education, steps and university an academic titles from following states: Armenia, Austria, Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Kirgistan, the Korean Folk-democratic Republic, Cuba, Libya, Lithuania, Latvia, Macedonia, Mołdowa, Mongolia, Germany, Russia, Romania, the Serbia and Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia, Syria, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Hungary, Vietnam In the destination of recognizing issued diplomata by mentioned above states (which Poland signed appropriate international agreements with) one should turn to the Ministry Science and higher education Department of Supervision and Organization higher education. Documents coming from countries, with which Poland isn’t holding the agreement about reciprocal recognition documents about the education are subject to a validation. A called office is carrying out validation of report cards and maturity certificates – Provincial Education Office education having jurisdiction over the place residence foreigner in Poland and in case lack of inhabiting the college, in which the foreigner wants in Poland on account registered office to file document. Addresses of Provincial education offices education in Poland are available on the website

International Baccalaureate maturity certificates (IB) and European Baccalaureate (EB) aren’t subject to a duty validation.


Acquaintance of Polish

The acquaintance of Polish isn’t a ruthless condition of undertaking studies in Poland. At present majority college is organising a lot of subjects in foreign languages (e.g. with English). Choosing the college in other than Polish language (e.g. with English) foreigner should demonstrate acquaintance of tongue showing, as evidence knowledge formal linguistic certificate or the certificate leaving secondary school, in which classes were kept in a given foreign language. Studying in other than Polish tongue, foreigner can simultaneously learn Polish                 on courses organised by colleges for foreigners. It can do for private use, be in order to prepare for the possible involvement in Polish-speaking courses or studying on subject, on which classes are being conducted in Polish. But if foreigner wants to begin studies in Polish must complete annual course in Polish preparing for undertaking studies. It is regarding all types of studies. Only foreigners are dismissed from the duty of undergoing this course, which:

  • they have  formal certificate acquaintance of Polish
  • they will get  confirming the college, that they are good in Polish degree sufficing for undertaking studies.


Getting formal certificate of acquaintance Polish

Certificates are being issued by the Polish called office to acquaintance Polish State-owned Commission of Polish as Strange certifying the knowledge of a language. In order to receive a certificate it is necessary to pass an organised examination by Commission mentioned above. Every foreigner can enter examination whether or not, as well as when learnt Polish. An examination is being conducted on 3 levels of the progress:

  • basic (B1),
  • for general averages (B2),
  • with advanced (C2).

In order to sit an examination on the basic level (B1) and for averages (B2) the foreigner must have 16 finished years. In order to sit an examination on advanced level (C2) foreigner must have 18 finished years. Examinations are being organised at least 3 times a year (with the spring, summer and autumn). Specific information about dates of examinations in the given calendar year is accessible on the website Wanting to sit an examination foreigner is filing the application form as well as is paying payment for examination paper. The formula application form is available on the webside The payment for examination paper amounts:

  • basic level (B1) – 60 EUR;
  • average level (B2) – 80 EUR;
  • advanced level (C2) – 100 EUR.

Moreover after information about the successfully passed examination foreigner must incur payment amount 20 EUR for the certificate issuance. Payments are contributed in the PLN, after EUR converting into PLN according to average price National Bank of Poland on the day paying the Office to the bank account Education and international exchange, available on the Internet website and In response to application foreigner will receive confirming accepting notification with expensive mail and traditional post office. He will also be notified place and the date an exam. An examination is being conducted provided that reports, at least 20 willing to turn it over.

Specific information to subject of course examination, criteria evaluations, preparatory materials and regulations for sitting an examination you will find on websites mentioned above. After passage of about 6 weeks from examination, turning over is learning about his result. If the result is positive, foreigner is obtaining the certificate. After paying a fee foreigner will receive with postal road original certificate acquaintance Polish on given level.


By the college for getting Polish citizenship

They are regarding as Polish nationals:

  • foreigner holding for example a residence permit of the long-term resident of the European Union which in Poland stable and regular source of income and the legal title have for occupying housing unit;

On regarding foreigner as Polish nationals a province governor having jurisdiction over place of residence is giving decision of person which proceedings are regarding. Important: in order can be recognized as Polish nationals, foreigner has a duty to be good at Polish. His acquaintance must be confirmed with certificate of the knowledge of language obtained after sentence state examination, with certificate leaving the school (e.g. average or higher primary school) in Poland or with certificate leaving the school abroad with lecture Polish.

Residence permit long-term resident of the European Union

The residence permit long-term resident is the EU with permission which he is entitling to permanent stay in Poland. The decision on issuing the residence permit is being given for indeterminate time. Very residence card is valid for 5 years what he/she is marking, that every 5 years one should mention the card. Based on residence permit long-term resident issued to the EU in Poland, foreigner doesn’t have right to take up work in country different from Poland. The residence permit long-term resident is authorizing the EU to travel to other countries of the Schengen area to 3 months in six-month period to tourist purpose. The residence permit long-term resident can receive the EU foreigner, which: 1. stayed in Poland legally and uninterruptedly for at least 5 years; 2. has a stable and regular source of income within 3 years stay in Poland directly before submission an application, 3. has a health insurance. In case foreigners staying in Poland based on visa in relation to getting studies or training and base residence permits on time marked in relation to undergoing or continuation of studies, to five-yaers period, from whom granting residence permit long-term resident the EC depends for them only a half of the period of this stay is being ranked. The stay on territory of Poland considers itself uninterrupted, when none of breaks at it was longer than 6 months and didn’t exceed 10 months altogether, unless the break was caused :

  • with carrying professional obligations out or performance of work outside territory of Poland, under an agreement entered into with the employer which registered office is finding oneself on territory of Poland;
  • with keeping spouse carrying professional obligations out or working outside territory Poland, based on agreement entered into with the employer which registered office is finding company oneself on territory of Poland;
  • with treating the foreigner.

Foreigner having the EU in one of Member States residence permit long-term resident has right EC for obtaining permission for a temporary stay in other Member State the EU, if justifying circumstances are stealing him settling in this state and if he has stable and regular sources of income and a health insurance. It is also regarding family members of foreigner mentioned above. We are organising stay for foreigners being going to study at chosen college functioning in Wrocław. We will carry in your name all official formalities, we will provide registration as well as we will help find domicile. We will help with placement as well as we will provide permanent legal care. In the initial period stay you will receive for help of the assistant using your tongue fluently which will help to you in the acclimatization in new whereabouts and at the college chosen by you. If you are a citizen of the country from outside the area European Union, we will conduct procedure of obtaining articles  association resident in area before bodies public authority the EU. You will be provided with our care from very beginning your stay in Wrocław. Our employee fluently using your tongue will go for you for the airport, the railway station or other venue. 500 EUR amounts to the disposable cost above service. if you will be using our report (not always renting room or living at once you will be able to report to this restaurant, since persons renting premises not willingly are reporting of tenants) you will be obliged in each month to a payment 200 EUR, which behind our agency reporting person will receive you at indicated address with. Remember that without report you cannot stay in our country!!! At Wrocław colleges one hundred several dozen thousands of persons are studying from several dozen countries. Wrocław it 700 millenary province capital, in which several dozen international concerns have its branches and factories and which standard living is crossing average for European Union.


Wrocław Colleges and subjects they offer which to students:



The convenient scholarship system provides financial assistance enabling to cover the part for persons studying in our country or even entire costs of the learning.

Every student fulfilling named terms can receive scholarship.

Scholarship of the rector

Scholarships rector for the best students are being granted among others too much good results in the learning. However there is a possibility granting such a scholarship for students on bachelor degree course from the second year on undergraduate courses leading to a master’s degree already for the first year.

An average of evaluations is a criterion of obtaining the scholarship for the previous year of studies or artistic or sports scholarship.

The scholarship is being granted irrespective age of the student and his financial circumstances.

They are being granted at the request student. At the research on a few subjects the scholarship is possible to receive on one shown direction.

The amount granted scholarship amounts from 80 EUR to 200 EUR monthly 

MNISW scholarship

Students achieving very good results in learning, having a scholarship and impeccably fulfilling duties student or students receive them from outstanding with sporting achievements in course of studies.

The amount scholarships will depend on field of study be sports behind which was get.


Halls of residence i.e. halls of residence

Wrocław is a pleasant city for students, it is possible in it to settle in one of fifty academics located in entire city.

Every larger college is holding for instruction a few be a dozen or so own halls of residence.

They are equipped in the diversified standard and in localization further or nearer than college.

There are various possibilities of settling in the instruction resources council colleges.

Rooms one, two, three personal they are equipped with bathroom and kitchen, in lower standard bathroom and kitchen are available in corridor.

Payments for hall residence are diversified and possible to fit finances of every student to state.

The span of payments for the stay in hall of residence fluctuates from 80 EUR to 160 EUR monthly. The payment will depend on localization building, numbers of accommodated persons in room as well as his size and equipments.

Renting flat a room

In Wroclaw how, a crowd of persons which are letting out a flat privately exists in every major city.

These premises constitute very significant supplementing the housing offer for students.

Flats one, two or three-roomed about the diversified standard are being rented to group of students or individuals which individually are selecting room-mates for themselves.

The cost of renting place in student flat is averaging from 90 EUR to 200 EUR monthly.

This amount will depend on standard flat (location – distance from college, area of premises and equipping him)

Owners of restaurant at signing tenancy agreement most often take bail monthly amount payments for lease of premises. The bail is in case dying down or terminating tenancy agreement in case not-causing losses by lessor.

Some lessors offer rooms into their accommodation in places occupied (flat or house). As a rule these rooms are fully-fitted. Choice of such a variant of settling is involving adapting put requirements by owner.

The cost renting a room amounts from 80 EUR to 110 EUR.

Cost of renting the entire flat in Wroclaw e.g. to one-room flat with a dinette and the bathroom about total area on average 240 EUR  is 35 meters + service charges (rent + media)

If you are interested in cooperation with our company, fill  following questionnaire form in. On her base we will get in touch with you by e-mail and over the phone (at participation translator). We will send agreement template and we will discuss conditions for cooperation.