Informator o podjęciu pracy w Polsce


A work permit is a document which is authorizing foreigner under condition possession   a visa or residence permit for fixed time taking up work in Poland.

Foreigner which comes from outside the European Union and wants to work in Poland, must hold a work permit. For issuing this document only a future employer can appear. At that time the foreigner not has to stay in Poland, setting him is confining itself only for finding the employer.

The application filled in for issuing a work permit foreigner along with required documents should be folded at least 30 days before date made plans employing or prolonging employing the foreigner.

Documents attached to conclusion should be filed in originals or confirmed officially for the compliance with eccentrics (except for identity card and the passport).

Drafted documents in a foreign language should be translated by a certified translator into Polish.

A work permit is being issued for the limited duration, not longer than 3 years and perhaps to be extended. In the event that foreigner is serving in the management board as the legal person which for the application filing date is employing above 25 persons, the province governor can issue a work permit for the period not longer than 5 years. Permits are being issued specific employer of specific foreigner and in specific place and specific position for period marked with dates.

An entity entrusting foreigner with performance of work and a position or a work type which foreigner is supposed to carry out are indicated in the permission. And so, work is only then regarded legal, when the foreigner performs this work which was indicated in the permission.

He/she is marking it, that if the foreigner wants to change jobs (it is employer or/and                     a workstation or/and industry, in which he is employed), must obtain new permit.

A permit work is keeping importance in an accident:

when employer is going to entrust foreigner with work about different character or on other position than determined in work permit for periods altogether not exceeding 30 days in calendar year;

Attention: change a workstation for long period than 30 days in calendar year causes need to fold new application for issuing a work permit.

Write the text down in obligation to possess a work permit there are dismissed citizens republic of Armenia, Republics Belarus, republics of Georgia, Republics Mołdowy, of the Russian Federation and Ukraine, working for period not-exceeding 6 months within 12 consecutive months, irrespective number of entities entrusting them with performance work, pursuant to the agreement entered into in writing, if before taking up work by foreigner district job centres, appropriate on account place of permanent residence or registered office entity entrusting with the performance by work, registered written statement this entity on intention entrusting with the performance work foreigner, determining name profession, place performance work, starting date and period performance work,type agreement constituting the base of the performance work and the amount of remuneration gross for the work, satisfactions announcing the lack of ability of personnel needs in leaning for the local labour market and about reading recipes associated with stay and work foreigners.

It means that foreigners from above countries, can take up work unauthorised in Poland:

  • The employer is registering  with district job centres statement on the intention entrusting with work the foreigner (for period of maximum 6 months),
  • The foreigner has  valid visa with right to work in Poland or residence permit for time fixed in the Republic of Poland.


Work for casual labour and students:

The foreigner which is working occasionally or seasonally, not has to hold work permits. Similarly to refugees an obligation to possess documents which they are authorizing has him for legal staying in territory Poland. The employer which wants to employ the casual labour, should only register statement (along with copy) about intention of employment foreigner in district job centres typical  its registered office.  This statement must contain data of employer and foreigner and registration takes place during one-time visit and free charge for both sides. It is important so that foreigner receives the original statement. The registered statement is a ground for obtaining a residence visa by foreigner (in destination taking work up) at the Polish diplomatic-consular institution in the country of his permanent stay. 

The student which is a foreigner, can also legally work in Poland without need to hold the official permit provided that is studying per day and is holding residence card. In other accident (for example when is studying) in order to work legally should hold visa with right to work. In such a situation student, filing an application for visa, instead of the permission is submitting written statement to the employer about  intention of entrusting for him performance of work in Poland.


Employing the employee from member state of the European Union

EU regulations from 17 January 2007 are giving bonds concerning free movement workers on area searching work right to migration into free way on premises of Community in the destination taking work on. The employee also has right to choose from these situations vacant which the most fits his expectations and competence. The need to stay in the its employment place giving right to staying on area given for every employee member state and after employing for staying in his area.

To the performance of work territory of Poland unnecessarily obtaining a work permit citizens of Norway, Iceland, Lichtenstein and Swiss Confederation also entitled.


Compulsory registration

Every foreigner after exceeding Polish border with intention of temporary stay in Poland is obliged to perform the compulsory registration. It means that, foreigner must report at competent office (the Town Office or commune office) address of one’s new stay in given town.

The application should be made by foreigner at latest by the end of fourth twenty-four hours, counting from moment border crossing of Poland.

Foreigners staying in the hotel are dismissed from duty of registering with the Office by the City/commune, unit opening housing unit in relation to learning (for example a hall of residence), with being treated (for example a hospital, the clinic) or with rest (e.g. motel, boarding house). These persons perform compulsory registration at the department head or authorised employee this unit (hotel, hall of residence, hospital and forth) by the end of 24 hours from the arrival moment.


Card of the Pole

A card of the Pole is a document confirming membership by foreigner in the Polish Nation and granting him the number of significant entitlements facilitating functioning in Poland.

The foreigner which has a Card of the Pole:

• without payment to receive  long-term residence visa entitling to repeated crossing border of the Poland Republic; however such a visa won’t be authorizing foreigner for entry into other countries than Poland;

  • to take legal work in Poland without need to hold a work permit;
  • to lead  activity business in Poland on same principles like Polish nationals;
  • to learn  free of charge at Polish nursery schools, primary schools and post-primary; 
  • in case of emergency to use health care free of charge in Poland on the same principles as Polish nationals;
  • to use 37% of relief for rides on train in Poland;
  • for free to tour national museums in Poland;
  • first to beat for financial means from the Polish state budget or from budget of self-government bodies of communes in Poland allocated for supporting Poles oneself to  with foreign countries.


Through work for getting Polish citizenship

They are regarding as Polish nationals:

  • of foreigner holding residence permit long-term resident of the European Union e.g. which in Poland stable and regular source income and the legal title have for occupying the housing unit.

On regarding the foreigner as Polish nationals a province governor having jurisdiction over the place of residence is giving the decision person which proceedings are regarding.

Important: in order can be recognized as Polish nationals, the foreigner has                 a duty to be good at Polish. His acquaintance must be confirmed with certificate knowledge a language obtained after sentence of state examination, with certificate leaving the school (for example, average or higher primary school) in Poland or with leaving the school certificate abroad with lecture Polish

Residence permit long-term resident of the European Union

The residence permit long-term resident is the EU with permission which he is entitling to permanent stay in Poland. The decision on issuing the residence permit is being given for indeterminate time. Very residence card is valid for 5 years what he/she is marking, that every 5 years one should mention the card. Based on residence permit of long-term resident issued to EU in Poland, foreigner doesn’t have right to take up work in country different from Poland, EU can however establish a company in Member State or to take work in case of finding employer which will conduct administrative procedure tied with employment foreigner in the given state of country being a citizen not belonging to area EU. the residence permit long-term resident is authorizing the EU to travel to other countries of Schengen area to 3 months in the six-month period to tourist purpose.

The residence permit long-term resident can receive the EU foreigner:

  • stayed legally and uninterruptedly in Poland for at least 5 years;
  • stable and regular source of income within 3 years of the stay in Poland directly before  submission an application,
  • has a health insurance.

In case foreigners staying in Poland based on visa in relation to getting studies or training and on base residence permits on time marked in relation to undergoing or the continuation of studies, to five-year period, from whom granting the residence permit long-term resident the EC depends for them only a half period of this stay is being ranked.

The stay on territory of Poland considers itself uninterrupted, when none of breaks at it was longer than 6 months and didn’t exceed 10 months altogether, unless break was caused:

  • with carrying professional obligations out or performance of work outside territory Poland, under an agreement entered into with employer which the registered office is finding oneself on territory of Poland;
  • with keeping the spouse carrying professional obligations out or working outside territory of Poland, based on the agreement entered into with the employer which the registered office is finding company oneself on territory of Poland;
  • with treating the foreigner.

Foreigner having the EU in one of Member States the residence permit of the long-term resident has the right the EC for obtaining permission for a temporary stay in the other Member State the EU, if justifying circumstances are stealing him settling in this state and if he has stable and regular sources of income and a health insurance. It is also regarding family members foreigner mentioned above.


From 1 January 2014 the minimum wage in Poland amounts gross 1680 PLN. After deducting National Insurance Contributions and health and tax deductions, almost 1240 PLN will stay in least earning pockets

By 28 countries of Community Poland is on 12. for place in terms of the nominal value of the minimum wage expressed in the euro. For her value amounts at present to 393 euro.

In capitals of provinces remuneration is average 2 x higher than minimum wage, but also running costs are much higher than in province. Letting out a flat is a cost at least PLN 1000 PLN + 400 PLN of the payment. For maintaining you will have to give not me than 400 PLN monthly.

Performing physical labours in agricultural farm you can earn equivalent of lowest pay, but you won’t be incurring running costs, since you will have provided modest but free accommodation and the food. On the labour market high old hands are missing – above all to count engineers of different specializations which can to earnings amount above 2000 euro monthly.

Craftsmen of all kinds knowing the taught profession well can count on high incomes. Language schools are seeking foreign teachers. There is a great demand for the qualified care on with elderly people and ailing and of unskilled workers for work in the construction and agricultural industry. On account of fast ageing in society within a few nearest years on the labour market will be every year a few hundred thousand have sorted employees.


Our company can help you with placement in Poland. From 2003 we specialize in acquiring financing enterprises to development. For over 1000 companies from the area entire country being active in various segments of economy – also building and agricultural which are feeling constant deficit of unskilled workers, we obtained non-refundable grants and loans from European Union funds allocated for entrepreneurship development in Poland. We have numerous business light switches, to which effectively we are seeking employers both for high of qualified experts of different specializations, as well as for employees about low professional qualifications.

Paying subscription amount 60 EUR – for a period of 12 months we will put your data in our base of foreigners being job-hunting in Poland which will be available to a dozen or so thousand entrepreneurs and individual farmers which behind our agency are recruiting employees for their companies and agricultural farm.

We also propose you in frames disposable payment amount 250 EUR help in administrative formalities connected with the legalization of your stay and work in Poland. We will help find a flat or lodgings. You will be provided with our legal aid in case the non-compliance oneself your employer from established conditions or case disease or accident. You will receive the number of emergency telephone number, up to which he will be able to call in case of problems with law or in every case from us, when you need help or advice.

Remember about need to preserve continuity of legal work (can be at different employers) and reporting in Poland what will enable you and your family to get long-term resident status of the European Union with everyone from this title with privileges it being entitled.

We also offer the above service to foreigners, which on ternie will find Poland employer without agency of our company. For period of 5 years, you can lose a job or living with the possibility of registered residence – if this is case our help can be essential.