Poland is fourth furniture producer in the world and with first exporter in Europe.

Data dodania:

0 percent furniture in which the biggest world IKEA player is trading, produced in Poland. IKEA announced investments in Polish plants amount 1 bn. euro every year. 

At present in Poland it is a c 2800 km of dual carriageways and motorways. To 2022 construction of dual carriageways will end in Poland. For this purpose it will stay in nearest years intended c 20 bn euro. Target the length of dual carriageways is supposed to 7800 km (including 2000 km of motorways). 

In final years foreigners bought several dozen thousand real estates in Poland – both housing and commercial. The most housing units (c 40 thousand) citizens Germany and Ukraine bought. 

In 2013-2022 years a program modernization military forces is being carried out. To the new weaponry it will be given to almost 40 bn. euro. In this amount  passed 5 bn.  euro will be spent on  establishment  a system air defences among others in front  rockets  the short and medium reach. Poland has 100 thousand professional army including 2 thousand armies of individuals special. a 25% staff  linear individuals is old hands at  mission in Iraq and Afghanistan.