Establish a company in Poland and appeal for non-refundable grant (71 000 EUR) and loan for her development (119 000 EUR charged interest in scale 1-2 % annually) undertake studies or begin legal work in our country

Start your business in Poland and take advantage help government to his development, which in your country you won’t receive, for or undertake studies at the Polish college or start work in one of over 58.000 Polish enterprises carrying export expansion out on world marts which are seeking employees knowing reality of local market.

If you aren’t a citizen of the European Union, take advantage chance change of its life, since having               a company in Poland, studying at the Polish college or legal work will enable you and your family to settle in our country and to acquire status resident in the European Union.

If you are searching your country for idea for opening or development business – become a partner our company. Get acquainted with our offer produced for export market and start trading with us.


Having a registered enterprise in Poland you can receive non-refundable grants and the preferential loans intended to his development. Your company will be able to use extended payment deadlines offered by Polish companies, which you will be able to send products to your country or to other foreign markets using government programs supporting export.

The export activity is provided with the repayment value added tax which the basic rate amounts to 23 %. Returned financial means you will be able to transfer to your country or reinvest into the registered enterprise in Poland are building his credit rating.

Registering enterprise in Poland requires having only 1 200 EUR and incomes your company will be taken up with one most profitable tax rates being applicable in Member States of the European Union which is taking out 19 % from obtained incomes (in reality 12 %).

Being a citizen country from outside area European Union, thanks to  registration company in Poland you can obtain articles association resident in area European Community for oneself and your family.

Holding residence permit long-term the EC is giving resident possibility of free taking a job in Poland and countries European Union and leading every type business activity, as well as for using all types welfare.

If you aren’t interested in business start-up in Poland but you would like in our country legally to work, we will help you with placement and living with possibility registered residence.

For you we will be searching for employer and we will help with all administrative formalities associated with your arrival and startup in Poland.

We are also organising stay for foreigners being going to study at chosen college functioning in Wrocław. We will carry in your name all official formalities, we will provide registration as well as we will help find domicile. We will help with placement as well as we will provide permanent legal care. In initial period stay you will receive for help of the assistant using your tongue fluently which will help to you in acclimatization in new whereabouts and college chosen by you. If you are a citizen country from outside area European Union, we will conduct procedure obtaining articles association resident in area before bodies of public authority the EU.

Being a citizen country from outside area of the European Union, thanks to taking legal work up in Poland or studying at Polish college you can also to obtain articles of association resident in area European Community.

If you want to obtain information, in what way you can establish a company in Poland and use mentioned above forms of supporting business activity or you are interested in startup in Poland or studies at college chosen by you, place an order in our company for message with e-mail means, thanks to which you will learn what steps you must take in order to carry out one’s guide of planning and in what way our company can help with it.